Services we offer to our clients, if you need something not listed, ask us! We can usually accomodate most requests!

Services We Offer Professional services done right and for the right price!

Don't pay too much for a web site! I have seen individuals and companies paying outrageous fees for web work. Custom artwork, graphics or even specific application development can raise the price. However there are a lot of things that can be done for far less than most pay. Look through our services and give us a call to work out a quote for you!

Quoting Web pages can be tricky as there are a lot of variables. You may decide on certain aspects that overall increase or decrease cost.

We charge $30 per hour for all services that we can do in-house.

Your project may require (with your approval of course) time with an application developer. That can run $100 per hour or more. We really try to cater to more non-developer intensive sights and can do many things inexpensively. It's all up to you.

Averages at $30 per hour:

Create 1 small size custom graphic.

Edit, reduce size, and publish 1-2 photos.

Text updates on multiple pages.


Complete websites run around $300 for the first page and $100 for each additional page depending on content. A website like ours would run around $1,000 installed and tested with your content. However, we CAN create a basic single page website for around $100!!!

Website DesignWe offer website design services to create a unique webpage for your company. We will create several (3-4) drafts for you to choose from before we start work on the final site.

Web HostingWe can work with any specific hosting company you prefer or you can host with us! We are affiliates of several hosting companies and can manage the tech side of your website as well!

Graphic DesignGraphic Design is what will set your site apart from your competition and make it "yours". We have access to stock photos and graphics that can add pizazz to any site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) All sites come with an initial round of SEO, if you are in a competitive market it is a priority to have you SEO work done monthly and in a timely manner to keep ahead of your competition.

Niche Marketing AdviceAlong with each market come some specific marketing differences that we can research for you if you desire. This is really a basic competitive analysis of your market and your competitors businesses on and off the web.

Business ConsultingWe can offer a lot of assistance in setting up a small business. We can help with back end software, pc support, automation, custom tools, product photos, ecommerce, just about anything!

About Us

We are a local company with our local businesses in mind. We can work with almost any budget or concept. Send us an email and we'll get back with you FAST!!!

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What They Say

picture" Remagination has been so easy to work with. All my questions are answered quickly and in terms even a layman could understand. Remagination covers everything from shopping carts to facebook landing pages! Who knew?"

by: Retro Vixen, Missouri